In this episode I virtually sit down with my very good friend Taylor Sterling, Founder and Creative Director of Glitter Guide. We start off the episode with sharing how we met (and sharing some laughs) while discussing how we maintain a long-distance friendship. Taylor shares how she carved her own path as an entrepeneur, and the ways in which creative insecurities creep in as she struggles with the common challenge of defining your craft. We talk about social media and social comparison, how motherhood changed how she sets boundaries and prioritizes her time, and the ways in which Taylor is reclaiming what "growth" means for her and her business. To continue following Taylor's journey, follow her on social media @taylorsterling and through her business @glitterguide. You can find her work at This month Taylor will be launching her new site (subscribe for updates here) where she will be showcasing female entrepeneurs and sharing their stories and process. As always, thank you for listening! A great way to support the podcast is by subscribing and sharing on social media @holdingspacepodcast and @drcassidy! 

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