If you're pregnant or postpartum or hoping to have a baby in 2020, I am SO glad you're here listening to this episode! My guest today is the queen of newborn sleep, Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies, but in this episode we talk about SO much more than sleep. We explore the relationship between sleep, mental health, the common experience of scary/anxious thoughts in postpartum, schedules, and honoring the needs of the WHOLE family (including yourself) when you're postpartum. You can follow Cara on instagram at @takingcarababies or at https://takingcarababies.com/. To find the article written by Dr. Cassidy for Cara's blog about scary thoughts mentioned in the episode, click here.

Are you expecting in 2020? I've teamed up with board certified ObGyn Dr. Christine Sterling to create a free masterclass that we will be offering starting next week, January 15th! In this masterclass, we bring the expertise from both our fields to offer The 4 to a Restful and Supported Postpartum. Click here to reserve your seat for the free live event, we have a few day/time options to fit your schedule!

In this episode of Holding Space Podcast I invited Dr. Christine Sterling, board certified OBGYN, back on the podcast! In this episode we flip the script. Dr. Sterling is pregnant and in this episode she asks me questions about how she can prepare her daughter Celeste for their new baby. I share our family's personal story and the challenges we faced in the transition to adding a new baby to our family system. I offer tangible ways you can be preparing your older children for becoming a big brother or sister.

Our comprehensive digital course, Prepared Postpartum is launching January 15th! This is your step-by-step to a restful, loving, and supported postpartum for the whole family created by two doctors, a licensed family therapist (me!) and a board certified OBGYN (Dr. Sterling!) To take the postpartum preparation quiz and to receivce a custom response based on your answers on what steps to take next, click here! Want to join our Prepared Postpartum waitlist? Click here to be the first to know when the course enrollment opens! To follow Dr. Sterling on instagram, you can find her @drsterlingobgyn.

My Birth Stories

In this personal episode, I'm sharing my two cesarean birth stories...what I learned, what I changed, and what I wish I had done to prepare. In the sharing of my first belly birth, I explore the ways that Fear showed up and led to rigidity around my birth plan and ultimately a disconnection from truly listening to my body. I unpack the challenges around healing that followed, and the key ways I changed my birth preparation the second time around. In sharing my birth stories, I hope to empower you to connect with YOUR personal values as you prepare for the intense and incredible experience of birth.

Download the birth meditations mentioned in the episode by clicking here.

Preparing for postpartum? Take our Postpartum Prep Quiz now by clicking here, when you enter your e-mail you'll join our Prepared Postpartum course waitlist!

In today's episode I'm welcoming back Chrissy Powers, LMFT to Holding Space Podcast! In our last episode we discussed Anxiety in Motherhood, and in today's episode we're exploring body image and body love during pregnancy and postpartum. Chrissy shares her history with an eating disorder and the journey she took to honor and care for her body through her experiencing of becoming a mother.

A few resources were mentioned in the episode, including Chrissy's Body Love blog post with an included guide which you can find here. She also mentioned Christa Black Gifford's meditations and the book The Wild Woman's Way. Chrissy is offering a free Masterclass this Friday December 6th at 9:30 am called The 3 Step System to Finding Your Passion, which you can register for here! To continue to follow Chrissy's work you can find her at @chrissyjpowers and https://chrissypowers.com/.

In this episode I sit down with Robin Kaplan, founder of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center and author of Latch. Robin has her Masters in Education and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In this episode we explore the experience of going back to work for breastfeeding families from an emotional, relational, and logistical perspective. Robin shares some incredible resources in the episode, here are links to the resources mentioned:

Free Guide to Going Back to Work for Breastfeeding Parents

Breastfeeding for the Working Parent E-Course (with $15 discount code for Holding Space listeners)

Resource for laws that protect breastfeeding and pumping parents' rights for pumping at work

Amazing resource for thinking outside of the box for pumping locations

DIY Breastfeeding video on baby-led bottlefeeding



In this episode I virtually sit down with online therapist and digital nomad Dr. Therese Mascardo @exploring.therapy. We talk about what it means to offer teletherapy and ways to make therapy more accessible. We also explore the ways that therapists are showing up in the digital arena in platforms like Instagram. I ask her questions about the ethical/legal considerations and why she thinks it's important that we continue to show up in the digital world and continue to work on addressing regulations and policies. Dr. Therese offers mentorship and courses to professionals interested in doing this work, which you can read more about here!

The link to read more about the Association for Healthcare Social Media that was mentioned in the episode is found here.

To join the waitlist for my Growing a Modern Private Practice e-course click here!

In this episode I share my conversation with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sophie Mort. Together we discuss our experiences with an evidence-based clinical approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We explore the ways this approach supports a new relationship to our emotions, as well as the role of values and mindfulness in creating meaningful and sustainable change. To follow Dr. Sophie's work on social media you can find her @_drsoph, and to read more about her work and find resources through her blog you can find her at www.drsoph.com. A resource mentioned in the episode is the Happy Not Perfect app, which you can find here!

In this episode I share my conversation with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Vienna Pharaon. This episode is all about boundaries! We define the different types of boundaries that can show up in our intimate relationships and the ways these levels of boundaries can lead to connection and protection. We explore how to both set and keep healthy boundaries and ways that boundaries are challenged from dating to parenthood. You can follow Vienna's work @mindfulmft and you can keep up with her private practice in New York and course/workshop offerings at www.newyorkcouplescounseling.com

In this episode of Holding Space Podcast, I virtually sit down with Lisa Olivera, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Lisa and I talk about her approach to therapy which is: human first, therapist second. We explore the power of stories, and Lisa shares her own. At the end we talk about finding our voices as therapists in the larger wellness arena and stepping into the land of social media as licensed professionals. I'm so excited to share Lisa's warmth and wisdom with all of you! For the incredible resources she shares on social media you can follow her @lisaoliveratherapy. If you're interested in reading more about her services and work you can also find her at https://lisaoliveratherapy.com/.

In this episode I sit down with Krystal Festerly, writer and founder of Gather the Village, a magazine aimed at building community through honest storytelling. Krystal's superpower is her ability to show up as fully human, honoring her truth and vulnerability as a bridge to connection with others. Krystal describes the impact of facing our mortality through her husband's health fragility, and how she is discovering the true meaning of her life during this most painful period. To continue to follow Krystal and her family's journey, you can do so here and @krystalmfesterly. You can connect with Krystal's work and community at Gather The Village, and you can read her poetic words through the hashtag #WhenIGetToThinking. To directly support her family, you can do so here.

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