In this episode I sit down with Krystal Festerly, writer and founder of Gather the Village, a magazine aimed at building community through honest storytelling. Krystal's superpower is her ability to show up as fully human, honoring her truth and vulnerability as a bridge to connection with others. Krystal describes the impact of facing our mortality through her husband's health fragility, and how she is discovering the true meaning of her life during this most painful period. To continue to follow Krystal and her family's journey, you can do so here and @krystalmfesterly. You can connect with Krystal's work and community at Gather The Village, and you can read her poetic words through the hashtag #WhenIGetToThinking. To directly support her family, you can do so here.

I'm back from podcast sabbatical :) and so happy to share this new episode with all of you! Ashley Neese is a breathwork teacher and author of the book How To Breathe. In this episode we explore how Ashley came to do this work. We also unpack the power of breath, and the ways that breath shows up as a landing space in both our harder moments and in the joys of simple moments. We explore the relationship between our breath, our emotions, and our bodies. I also share an e-mail that Ashley sent to me a year ago when she needed to create some space in her life and couldn't record an episode at that time. I believe this e-mail is a beautiful representation of how we can create space while also honoring our relationships. You can follow Ashley Neese on social media here and at You can also buy her book here!

This episode is sponsored by Fusion Academy. Fusion is a revolutionary school, offering a completely personalized learning experience for middle school and high school students. Through their thoughtfully-designed approach of Love, Motivate, Teach, Fusion sees students change their understanding of themselves and the futures they have the power to create. You can read more about Fusion by visiting their website at 

In this final episode of 2018, I sit down with illustrator and designer Kelli Murray. Kelli is the owner and designer of children's clothing brand Rylee and Cru and their sister brand Quincy Mae. Kelli shares with us her background and how she built her businesses. We then go beyond the brand to discuss motherhood, the myth of balance, Kelli's long history with health issues and chronic pain, and her relationship with God and spirituality. This is a vulnerable conversation between two good friends, that Kelli was gracious enough to allow me to record and share with all of you. To continue following Kelli, you can find her on social media @kelli_murray, @ryleeandcru, and @_quincymae

In this episode I share my conversation with transgender activist and leadership coach, Aaron Rose. In our dialogue Aaron and I journey beyond the gender binary, discussing healthy masculinity, transgender inclusion, compassion fatigue, and ways we can step into the arena of transforming division to reclaim peace and true belonging. If you're interested in learning more about healthy masculinity, Aaron has a 2-week Conscious Masculinity intensive starting December 1. For more information on that event click here. You can continue to follow Aaron's work at @aaronxrose and at

In this episode of Holding Space Podcast, I sit down with Dr. Christine Sterling, OB/GYN. You may remember Dr. Sterling from an earlier episode where we discussed preparing for motherhood during pregnancy. In this episode Dr. Sterling offers education on a woman's menstrual cycle, and the impact hormonal changes can have on our energy, behaviors, labido, and mood. With our menses in mind, we unpack the history of the women's movement and the rejection of discourses connected to "the hormonal woman" that followed. In this exploration, we identify the agency that can be found in understanding our cycles and bodies, while reclaiming the truth that we are more than our hormones. We discuss the shame often experienced around our periods and sex organs, and how we can educate and talk to our daughters. To follow Dr. Sterling's work you can find her here and connect with her on social at @drsterlingobgyn.

In this episode I share my conversation with Claire Bidwell Smith, author and therapist specializing in grief. We explore the relationship between anxiety and grief and the work Claire has done that led to her most recent book Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. Claire offers psychoeducation on the stages of grief, and the ways in which anxiety can show up when we have experienced loss. Claire and I both share some of our personal experiences with loss, and discuss the power of support. You can find more about Claire and her work here, including her self-guided online program A Safe Place to Grieve. You can find Claire's book Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief here.

In this episode I sit down with Brittani Ehrhorn. Brittani is a pediatric registered nurse and advocate and activist for Turner Syndrome. Brittani shares her experience living with Turner Syndrome, and discusses the myths and importance of education. We talk about the sticky-ness of labels and Brittani shares her experience with going to therapy. A resource mentioned in the podcast is The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States, and you can continue to follow Brittani @brittehrhorn

In honor of infertility and pregnancy loss awareness month, this week's episode explores the often neglected experience of partners. I virtually sit down with Jeff Mindell, a Los Angeles based photographer and creative. Last Spring I shared an episode with his wife Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY where she shared her experience with fertility, pregnancy loss and adoption. In this episode Jeff offers an honest look into his own experience and path to fatherhood. Jeff and I explore the gender discourses he faced, the role of support in their journey, the decision to pursue adoption, and the joys and challenges of parenthood. You can continue to follow Jeff @jeffmindell and you can find his professional work here

In this episode I virtually sit down with Keah Brown, writer, journalist and disability activist. Keah and I discuss her writing process, and how she has come to appreciate her earlier work as part of the growth that got her to where she is today. We talk about disrupting disability discourses and choosing self-love. In Keah's words: "I spent most of my life tearing myself down, because I thought I was supposed to, because how else are you supposed to live in a body like mine? But what I know now is that I live every single day with so much joy. How could I not give myself the same love that people have been giving me my whole life?" Keah is the creator of the hashtag, #disabledandcute, and has an essay collection coming out in 2019 called The Pretty One. You can continue to follow Keah at and on social media @keah_maria

In this episode I share my conversation with Dr. Crystal Jones, director of The Sanctuary, a healing institution with a mission to elevate the paradigm of healing. With her person-centered approach, Dr. Jones leads conversations around the globe, training healing facilitators across multiple modalities in the art of holding space. In this episode we explore narratives of health, social disources of health and healthcare, the art of listening to our bodies, and client/provider alignment. You can find Dr. Jones' work here, as well as on social media here!

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