In this episode I sit down with parenting coach, educator, writer, and LGBTQIA activist Rachel Rainbolt. Rachel has her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and through her coaching and writing holds space for parents to say "Yes!" to connection, joy, and freedom in life with their families. Rachel offers simple but profound ways we can design a life with our childen rooted in our values. She also shares how her and her partner hold space in their family for gender creativity and gender expression..."We held the space for our kid to be exactly who they were. My child was born with a given spirit, and that is who they are and my role as a parent can influence so much in terms of the outcome with their happiness and wellbeing and success, but they come into this world with that given spirit piece. You either honor it and then you have this amazing life of connection that’s so rewarding and joyful, or you don’t and then you miss out on that. You miss out on the gift of being in connection in this deep meaningful way, in a way of celebrating this human." For more information on Rachel's work you can find her at

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