In this episode of Holding Space Podcast, I sit down with Dr. Christine Sterling, OB/GYN. You may remember Dr. Sterling from an earlier episode where we discussed preparing for motherhood during pregnancy. In this episode Dr. Sterling offers education on a woman's menstrual cycle, and the impact hormonal changes can have on our energy, behaviors, labido, and mood. With our menses in mind, we unpack the history of the women's movement and the rejection of discourses connected to "the hormonal woman" that followed. In this exploration, we identify the agency that can be found in understanding our cycles and bodies, while reclaiming the truth that we are more than our hormones. We discuss the shame often experienced around our periods and sex organs, and how we can educate and talk to our daughters. To follow Dr. Sterling's work you can find her here and connect with her on social at @drsterlingobgyn.

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